Vendors of systems and devices that compliment the functionality of RMS are welcome to develop interfaces to the RMS databases.

A range of Advanced Programmer Interfaces (API) are provided for this purpose. These API's are intended for the use of suitably qualified IT professionals.

A one off access fee is applied for use of the developers kit. The fee includes:

Developers Kit

$1,500 excluding GST (where applicable)

  • * Usernames and passwords for access to the test environment
  • * Validation and testing
  • * RMS Certification
  • * Assistance as required form the RMS Technical Services team
  • * Company logo and contact details on the RMS partners page
  • * Updates of any changes to the API

Public Service Interface

The Public Service Interface acts as a gateway to the RMS database.

It can be used to extract a broad subset of data for a number of specific uses. The information can be extracted periodically as an automated routine or on demand.

The interface also allows for posting charges back to the guest account. 

There are many uses for the Public Service Interface which might include:

API Specification