March Tips & Tricks


RMS Help Centre

The new and improved Help Centre is designed to work like a search engine. Enter in a keyword or phrase and the algorithm behind the scenes will filter

results, enabling you to find exactly what you are looking for. Even better, the more you search, the smarter it gets. 

Each article consists of either a short view (text only) or expanded view (text and images). You can either read the article in a few short dot points or

expand to see a visual guide on the topic you’ve selected. 

Don’t worry, the old Knowledge Base isn’t going anywhere – until we’ve transferred or rewritten all RMS9+ articles, the existing Knowledge Base

will remain available for you to view. 

Please take a look and don’t forget to mark whether or not you found an article useful and provide us with feedback if you didn’t find what you were

looking for.

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Group Allotment Code on IBE 

Perfect for group bookings!

Do you loathe making group reservations? Take the hassle out of it by using our Internet Booking Engine promo code field and allow group

bookers to make their own reservations! 

Create a group allotment promo code in RMS Cloud and give that code to the group organizers so they can make their own bookings via your

RMS Internet Booking Engine. 

When the Promo Code is entered on your RMS IBE, they will be able to see their exclusive rooms and rates set aside via the allotment for

them to create their own reservations. That means no more rooming lists! 

A short promo code field is currently under development and will be released shortly.

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Travel Agent Commission

Travel Agent Commissions can be setup against a Travel Agent under the Commission tab that will make automatic calculations on reservations

and move this to an expense account to manage the commissions payable to that Agent. 

It’s simple;

1. Create the Travel Agent - Setup > Travel Agent > Add. 

2. Once the Travel Agent is created, Open the Commission Tab and set either a percentage or fixed amount depending on your agreement with

that agent. Don’t forget to also add the agreed rate under the Rate tab.

3. When entering a reservation, ensure to select the correct Travel Agent as this will automatically display the agents negotiated rate along with the

TA Commission.

4. RMS will then automatically transfer the TA Commission from the reservation to the Travel Agent Account. Setup > Travel Agent > Account > Commission.

5. Select the payment method used to pay the TA their commission and enter the amount paid along with any comments

6. Upon selecting 'Process' the account paid will display, indicating commissions paid to the agent.

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