Meeting the needs of the Workforce Industry

The Hospitality Cloud is a fully featured management system for workforce operations, with specialised functions to meet the particular requirements and needs of workforce managers.

Easy-to-use screens and daily reports

A complete reservation management system which easily handles the intricacies of group bookings and movements as well as dining hall management. 

Intuitive workflows, easy-to-use screens and comprehensive daily reporting make controlling work camps - employees, contractors, and subcontractors, or anything else you can think of - as simple as pressing a button. 

It's all covered in one system - labour management, camp and asset maintenance, to do lists, historical and statutory reporting, as well as forecasting tools!  



The system is extremely easy to use and can be adapted to meet specific business requirements. It will keep your business organised, adaptable and ultimately, more successful than ever. 

Key Features

A complete reservation management system and group bookings for accommodation.


Special Features for the Workforce Industry

  • Scalable to any size facility

  • Long & short tenancy in a single system

  • Group Booking capability

  • Bill rents over different periods 

  • Meter & charge for utilities

  • Flexible rate tables for scenarios

  • Charge for extras

  • Hire resources by the hour
  • Common industry technology

  • Bulk invoicing functionality 
  • Tick Sheet

  • Acounts Receivable module
  • Optional meal entry module
  • Bill by contractor, sub contractor or individual

  • Point of sale application

Packed with industry specific features - Immensely powerful - Extremely cost effective

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