Property Management Specialists

RMS has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years.

Our software experts have honed their skills and come up with the best solutions for the key aspects of managing a motel. 

It's all in the Cloud!

The Hospitality Cloud embraces the latest advances in technology.

It’s a fully integrated, Cloud based system designed to easily manage the complexities of motel management.


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From check-in to check-out every aspect is covered. 

Leads to superior customer service.

Key features

Key Functions

  • Reservation and Booking module

  • Online Direct Bookings

  • Channel Management 

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Guest Marketing

  • Housekeeping & Asset Maintenance

Key Functions

  • Food & Beverage interfaces

  • Comprehensive financial reporting 

  • Accounts receivable 

  • Interfaces with accounting software 

  • Tax compliance 

  • Point of Sales solutions

Packed with features          Immensely powerful            Extremely cost effective

PropertyManagement BookNowButtong ChannelManagement PointOfSale