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Event & asset management solutions

Many local councils use our system to manage bookings for a wide variety of their assets – parks, gardens, sports fields, stadiums and halls etc. 

Function Centres find our events management module the right solution for handling even the most complex event, festival, conference  or convention.



Specialist needs for all types of facilities

Over the past 30 years, we’ve met the needs of some highly specialized companies and businesses. 

We’ve helped specialist catering equipment hire businesses, provided solutions  for companies seeking car pooling systems, even provided systems for funeral homes and cemeteries. 


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If you have a specific need for your facility or business our specialists will work with you to deliver the right solution from  the many options already available.

If necessary we can even customize a solution to your specific needs. 

Key Features

Mobile and tablet friendly, fully integrated Cloud Based system.

Special Features for Facilities

  • Large groups & bulk room selection easily handled. 

  • Confirmation of reservations can be emailed directly. 

  • A complete suite of reservation reports is provided. 
  • Can be combined with the RMS online reservations system.

  • Take bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere.
  • Personnel records can be retained and used for future bookings.

Packed with features - Immensely powerful - Extremely cost effective

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