Designed specifically to meet the needs of the day spa sector. RMS has teamed  up with SpaOne to cater for the special requirements of the Day Spa industry.  


Designed specifically to meet the needs of the day spa sector, SpaOne Software is used extensively in day spas nationally and internationally. The application provides a seamless and complete solution interfacing with the RMS Cloud Property Management System. 


The software is flexible, intuitive and can be adapted to suit individual needs. With both locally installed and cloud based options  there is a software solution right for your business.

Key Features


Key Operations

  • Each SpaOne application comes with built-in marketing tools proven to work expertly within the spa environment.

  • Standard marketing features within every software applications include loyalty and referral programs, targeted email campaigns, SMS confirmation and promotional messaging, as well as features to make the spa guest experience what you want it to be.
  • SpaOne’s cloud based version has  bonus features  including online bookings, central reservations capabilities and direct remote access.


Packed with features - Immensely powerful - Extremely cost effective

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