A proven solution

The Trust Accounting module is easy to use, and provides full mobility through access from any device.

Combining innovative solutions such as guest and owner portals and with a 20-year heritage in trust accounting compliance, RMS Cloud is a proven  solution for any business requiring trust accounting.

Easy to use but extremely powerful

The Owner’s accounting module seamlessly fits in RMS Cloud to provide an easy to use yet powerful system for managing all transactions between owners and managers.

Use Owner’s accounting module to record and report revenue and expenses for all your owners and the manager’s account – and have plenty of time to attend to your Guests.

Trust Accouting 2

The Trust Accounting module allows property managers to maintain individual owners funds in a separate (trust) accounts or though the Owner Accounting function where funds are managed through a single bank account.

Owner Accounting Features

Trust Accounting Features

“Feature packed • Immensely powerful • Extremely cost effective”

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